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Buying Your First Cask

After reviewing numerous options and consulting with our team of experts, you'll choose your first cask. The steps are simple- After signing the agreement and completing the payment you will receive your Cask Certificate of Title and Transfer of Ownership- These documents prove that you are the new owner of the cask.

Where's My Cask

As the new proud owner of your first Scotch whisky cask, you will have all the information available you need at your disposal. Your cask will be lying at a government-bonded warehouse in Scotland, overseen by professionals. It will continue to mature and grow more complex, unlike bottles that stop ageing when bottles.

Exit Strategies

The time will come when you're ready to sell your casks, and Rare Finds Worldwide will be there to help you every step of the way. The easiest exit is to retrade your cask or sell it via auction. Our extensive channels and growing client base will make this process quick and easy. Name your price, and wait for a sale. Alternatively, you can bottle your cask and sell it via stores and sales channels (only recommended for business owners, stores, and those with established sales channels.)

Whisky Investment Futures

With our whisky trading and investment ecosystem, you'll continue to receive the trends and news on everything whisky, to keep your whisky cask portfolio fresh and profitable. Rare Finds Worldwide are there with during every step of the journey.