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Port Charlotte 2002
AYS: 8th Nov 2002
Cask type: Bourbon Barrel
Abv 60.4%
RLA 94.5 

February’s taste of the month is an 18-year-old Port Charlotte. For those who might not be familiar, Port Charlotte is not the distillery’s name. Still, the name Bruichladdich distillery uses for their heavily peated whisky, as Port Charlotte is a silent distillery closed in the early 20th century. Although the distillery closed, this whisky is a heavily peated modern whisky. Port Charlotte was first distilled in 2001, meaning that this 2002 Port Charlotte cask is one of the oldest casks you can find in the market for this series. Shortly after its first release in 2009, its popularity has been growing. Even at a young age of 8 years old when it was first released, many discovered that Port Charlotte whiskies are incredibly complicated and delicious with quality being on-par with the big names like Ardbeg and Laphroaig. As Port Charlotte ages each year a new release is pushed into the market, with whisky connoisseurs following the brand closely appearing never to be disappointed. Due to this whisky’s popularity, a bottle of Port Charlotte can reach double the price of a bottle of Bruichladdich whisky of the same age, even though they are both distilled from the same distillery! Port Charlotte whiskies are generally very peated, with a strong nuttiness and hints of barnyard aroma as its signature. It distinguishes itself nicely from the likes of Laphroaig and Ardbeg with its lack of Iodine and medicinal flavor, but also gives an extra punch of smoke that’s a tad stronger than the likes of Caol Ila. This cask lets you own a piece of Port Charlotte’s history, and with 60% abv in the barrel, you can potentially be sipping your private cask of the oldest Port Charlotte in the world, some day. 


Bunnahabhain 1990
abv 43.5%
RLA 54.75
Est bottles 179
Per bottle GBP 225.-
Cask price GBP 40,275.-

January’s taste of the month is this Bunnahabhain 1990, a 30-year-old cask being aged slowly and gracefully inside a bourbon hogshead, which is now ready to be bottled. Bunnahabhain is located in the most famous whisky region in the world – the Isle of Islay. Although Islay is renowned for its smoky and peaty whisky, ever since the 1960s, it has focused primarily on unpeated whisky, standing out from the rest of the crowd. Currently, 20% of its production is peated, and 80% is unpeated.
Bunnahabhain has created numerous expressions that have become legendary bottlings throughout the years if we look back in time. These include some of its 1960s OB single casks, the 1968 Auld Acquaintance, and some of its 1970s bourbon and sherry casks aged over 30 years.

Bunnahabhain makes a rich and oily spirit which ages gracefully with casks, which is why many of their old aged whiskies sell for extraordinarily high prices in the market. With 30 years in the bourbon hogshead, you may expect this whisky to exhibit a complex profile of yellow fruits, tropical fruits, oak spices and oak sweetness. The oak flavours will be the dominant driver whereas all the harshness from the spirits would have been dissipated, leaving behind an incredibly elegant dram. The cask is suitable to be bottled immediately and thanks to its relatively low abv, it is being offered at an incredible price!


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